Bloomerang is the imagining of community-based artist and designer Carol Bradbury. Over 300 collaborators between the ages of 1 and 93 participated in workshops throughout Topeka to create the original source artwork for the final outdoor banners.

26 unique banners now line the streets of NOTO, Topeka’s emerging arts district in historic downtown North Topeka. They are an ever-present reminder that when seeds are planted and nourished, gardens flourish.

Carol led this project because she believes that community-based art can engage the community in ways that facilitate awareness, understanding, and change.

“The face of Topeka is changing. Embracing our rich diversity not only moves us into global awareness, it expands our potential as human beings,” relates Carol.

Banner production costs were underwritten through sponsorships donated by local businesses.

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left-top center: Aparna Dasaraju and the original artwork she created, the inspiration for the two final banners shown above.
left: Event postcard integrates the names of the more than 300 project collaborators.

“The Bloomerang project
was a gateway for me to
bring awareness of the ethnic identities that color Topeka and help build up a community through art and expression.This project is a true example of diversity in expression and unity in message.”
Aparna Dasaraju,
Bloomerang collaborator

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